MS Office 2007 free download

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MS Office 2007 free download

MS Office 2007 free download

MS Office 2007 free download

MS Office 2007 free download for pc. Microsoft Office 2007 professional includes the basic software components for all kinds of office work. In this edition, you will find Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and additionally Microsoft Publisher and Access.

Key features of MS Office 2007

Crop images with inbuilt picture manager.

Save as PDF option available in MS word.

The extremely common task of entering formulas is improved via the new Formulae AutoComplete in MS Excel.

The spelling checker is now more consistent across the 2007 Microsoft Office

It has improved capabilities to help avoid losing work when the program closes abnormally.

System requirements to install MS Office 2007

Processor: Pentium 4 – 2.5 GHZ or higher processor

Memory: 2 gigabyte (GB) of RAM required minimum

Hard Disk: 10 GB or higher of available hard-disk space

Operating System: Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3, win 7, win 8.1, win 10

MS Office 2007 free download links:

Software version: 2007

Publisher: Microsoft Corporation


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