Are you like a dog with a bone?

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Are you like a dog with a bone؟

Are you like a dog with a bone؟

Are you like a dog with a bone?

There is always a problem when trying to access a website, and you find that the site is unavailable because of a technical failure of the site, and that the browser can not access the website.

The browsers are racing to display a message apologizing for the lack of access and opening the website and that the holidays do not concern the browser and the site itself.

I was surprised by the message displayed by the famous browser Opera express the difficulty or lack of access to the website, where a picture of a happy dog trying to reach the greatness, and I asked strangely

Who is the dog? Who is the bone?

Or in other words, who is the dog that tries to reach the bone? !!!!

are you like a dog with a bone?

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